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Sworn in as Singapore's 9th President, Tharman pledges to be 'scrupulous and independent' in safeguarding reserves

SINGAPORE — Sworn in as Singapore’s ninth President on Thursday (Sept 14), Mr Tharman Shanmugaratnam pledged to be “scrupulous and independent” in making judgements that involve the second key of the reserves, whether in times of crises or in ensuring that Singapore remains a safe and liveable home over the longer term.


As for Singapore’s interests abroad, Mr Tharman said that he will represent the country “in line with the objectives and priorities of the Government”.

In the midst of global uncertainties wrought by the ongoing Ukraine-Russia war, the troubled relations between the United States and China, as well as the rising trend of protectionism, Mr Tharman said that Singapore must advance its long-term national interests “by standing up firmly for our principles rather than choosing one side or the other”.

“As President, I will do my part to reflect Singapore’s values and views and to enhance our standing among the community of nations. I will work to deepen existing partnerships and build new ones,” he said.

“By remaining a voice of reason and striving for solutions that are of mutual benefit, we will remain a partner that others find worthwhile to engage with.” 

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