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Shopee: The e-commerce platform that knows just what Singapore shoppers want

The company’s latest survey revealed that shoppers here – both young and old – are turning to the digital platform’s services for their shopping and entertainment needs.

Its Shopee Guarantee safety feature withholds payment to sellers until buyers have received their items in good condition and acknowledged that they are satisfied with their purchases. Shopee was the first among e-commerce platforms in Singapore to launch this safeguard for consumers. Shopee has also streamlined the reporting process at Shopee Help Centre, so that users who have concerns about their products can make a report conveniently.  To help users learn about the products they’re interested in through a more authentic and intimate setting, Shopee introduced Shopee Live in 2019 – a livestream function that showcases real-time reviews and recommendations. According to Shopee, these live shows – which include a variety of content from food reviews to product demonstrations – have become increasingly popular among viewers aged 34 to 50. More importantly, they have become a credible resource for buyers: Over 60 per cent of survey respondents aged 35 and above say that such real-time reviews and recommendations from hosts during the livestream on Shopee Live are key to influencing their purchase decisions on Shopee.

Building trust with consumers has always been an imperative for Shopee. With over 75 per cent of users in Singapore now choosing to search, compare and eventually buy a product on the platform, it is a testament to how much the brand has connected with users over the years.

Said Mr Zhou Junjie, chief commercial officer at Shopee: “As digital consumers continue to shape the future of the digital economy, it is important to be able to identify their evolving needs and preferences while adapting quickly to meet them. We will continue to adopt a user-centric approach using these insights to create a positive experience for all Shopee users.”                                                     Learn more about Shopee’s Past the Starting Line: Adapting to Singapore’s Digital Consumers in 2023 report

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