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Understanding the hype behind a sculpted face

An expert from Bioskin explains why contoured features are so sought after and elaborates on the non-invasive ways to achieve this look.

According to Ms Tay, a comprehensive skincare regime and the use of facial rollers to improve blood circulation may help alleviate signs of ageing. However, meticulous adherence to these practices is crucial to see results. She emphasised that for those with pronounced skin sagging or deep wrinkles, relying solely on these home remedies may not be sufficient to turn back the hands of time.

That’s where a treatment such as Bioskin’s Master Contour Face Treatment comes into play, as it offers a targeted solution designed to restore facial volume, enhance jawline definition and diminish the appearance of laugh lines, fine lines and wrinkles. 

A crucial step in the treatment is the signature multi-lift face-sculpting technique and acupressure lifting massage. This is touted to improve the look of puppet lines and the nasolabial folds that extend from the nose to the corners of your mouth, enhance the jawline and plump the muscles in the apples of your cheeks. “The technique targets four facial acupressure points, namely the chengjiang point, dicang point, yingxiang point and zygomatic point,” Ms Tay said. “These are located in the areas of the face that are particularly prone to sagging – around the cheeks, chin and just below the sides of the nose.”

Stimulating these four acupressure points via a lifting massage triggers the skin’s self-healing mechanism by encouraging muscle movement and lifting, added Ms Tay. At the same time, it promotes lymphatic drainage, eliminating facial puffiness and enhancing the jawline’s definition.

Following this invigorating process, the needle-free gold collagen thread lift takes centre stage, where the face is treated to a potent dose of collagen serum that penetrates deeply into the skin. Ms Tay explained that this step – which encourages collagen remodelling and skin regeneration – enhances lifting and firming, while plumping up the skin and refining its texture.

This is done in conjunction with the application of the master lift mask, which is fortified with high-performing ingredients. These include hydrolysed collagen to stimulate the production of collagen; bird’s nest extract to replenish nutrients in the skin, while promoting elasticity and firmness; and oat extract that not only protects and restores the skin’s barrier, but also soothes irritated skin. 

By making subtle adjustments to your lifestyle, adopting a diligent skincare routine and seeking professional help from the experts, it may be possible to get those coveted sculpted facial contours.

New customers can try Bioskin’s Master Contour Face Treatment at a special price of S$48* (before GST). Find out more about the treatment and book your appointment today. Terms and conditions apply.

Individual results may vary.

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