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Paradise Group releases CCTV screenshots to refute tourist’s claims of overpriced crab dish

SINGAPORE — Restaurant operator Paradise Group on Wednesday (Sept 20) released several screenshots taken from closed-circuit television footage at one of its restaurants, in response to accusations by a Japanese tourist that she was overcharged for Singapore’s iconic chilli crab dish.

Paradise Group said it chose to release CCTV screenshots to substantiate its statement, adding that it wanted to address the issue “with utmost transparency and clarity”.

“Customers finished most of the dishes and told the restaurant manager that the food was great. At the end of the meal, customers refused to settle the bill, hence the police were involved to mediate the situation,” said Paradise Group.

It added that when one of the customers said he did not have enough money to pay, the restaurant manager offered a “goodwill discount” of S$107.40 — which Paradise Group said was equivalent to 400g of live Alaskan King Crab.

Paradise Group also noted that live seafood is typically sold and served as a whole item since dividing it into portions “would render the remaining portion no longer live seafood”.

“At Seafood Paradise and all other Paradise Group restaurants, we consistently uphold a commitment to transparent pricing with a focus on customer service and food quality. Our staff will do their best to communicate clearly to the customers and welcome any queries,” it said.

“As much as we value all our customers, we also find it important to uphold Paradise Group’s reputation and protect all our employees.”

Ms Shinba had told AsiaOne that she also contacted the Singapore Tourism Board, which in turn brought the matter to the attention of the Consumers Association of Singapore.

Paradise Group runs about 50 restaurants in Singapore and more than 60 others worldwide. The Clarke Quay outlet of Seafood Paradise opened its doors just a few months ago. CNA

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