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After record 10 consecutive F1 wins in 2023, Verstappen eyes first victory in S'pore where race will be 'very tight'

SINGAPORE — After breaking a Formula 1 record by winning his 10th consecutive race at the Italian Grand Prix on Sept 3, Red Bull’s Max Verstappen has set his sights on continuing this hot streak at the Marina Bay Street Circuit this weekend.

The drivers also spoke about braving the heat and humidity while racing and how they keep hydrated throughout the two-hour race, which can see drivers losing up to 4 litres of fluid. 

Haas’ Kevin Magnussen said”“Singapore is one of, or if not, the toughest race of the year just because of the humidity and the heat, and also because the track keeps turning.”

He added that it is the one race that keeps him going during the tough days at the gym. 

“Because of this race, you know this is going to suck if you don’t work hard on your fitness.” 

On staying hydrated, Magnussen said that he does have drinks in the car, though they “get very hot very quickly”. 

“So you get the first 15 to 20 minutes of the race to drink cold water and then it gets almost like tea — too hot to drink,” he revealed. 

Agreeing, Lance Stroll of Aston Martin said that the humidity is “brutal” and it is always a very long race with not much rest time in the car. 

“It’s one that I prepare for throughout the year in the gym and it’s always a grind. It’s never easy to get to the end around here.” 

As for Mercedes’ George Russell, he is keen to close the gap slightly on Red Bull.

Mercedes is on 273 points in the constructors’ championship, behind Red Bull’s 583 points and ahead of Ferrari’s 228.

“So I think it is that battle for the P2 (second position) on the road but you’re going to have to nail every single detail, because it’s going to be by the smallest of margin,” he said.

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