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Your Say: Will Singapore become more ‘boring’ without its Turf Club? TODAY readers weigh in

News of the upcoming closure of the Singapore Turf Club at Kranji stirred debate among TODAY readers this week. The announcement on Monday (May 5) took many by surprise, especially Turf Club employees, who were shocked and disappointed at the decision.


“(For) a small island, we have too many golf courses occupying vast land areas. Why don’t the authorities close a few and combine the clubs for public housing?” THANGAVELOO KADIRESAN

“Totally not acceptable! What’s next? It’s like saying the football stadiums aren’t filled… so we are going to remove football from Singapore? (The) Singapore Turf Club is part of Singaporean culture… It’s entertainment.” CHANDRAN SUPPIAH

“Numbers at (Singapore Turf Club) have declined, (but) numbers at football stadiums have declined too, and we still have hundreds of football fields on the island.” BENHUR SEBASTIAN


“(The) Turf Club takes up a lot of space. When homes are a priority, gambling should not take priority. So this is an excellent idea.” WEI MIN LIU

“Since the 1960s I have observed those who dabbled in horse racing would put everything aside and discuss nothing but the horses, especially if it was a Singapore race. Those who lost heavily over the weekend would take urgent leave. Families were torn asunder by irresponsible horseracing buffs. Therefore, I think it is a good move to close down the course for good. Although one may say there is online gambling, it will not have the same following as it doesn’t give the “kick” live racing gives. SOH YUEN

“Digital horses will take over, just like digital casinos. If there’s a will to gamble, there’s a way…” SIMON SIM

“We are land scarce. Gambling on horses generates some jobs and revenue, (but it) probably pales in comparison with the casinos. In addition, (the) casinos probably employ more people. HSJ HWANG

These comments were first posted on TODAY’s Facebook page. They have been edited for clarity, accuracy and length. If you have views on this issue or a news topic you care about, send a letter to voices [at] mediacorp.com.sg with your full name, address and phone number.

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