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#trending: In bad taste? US restaurant charges S$68 fee for 'adults who cannot parent'

GEORGIA, UNITED STATES — Remember the restaurant in Singapore that planned to impose a controversial “screaming children surcharge” on noisy children?

Despite a long list of additional charges, Google reviews of the restaurant show a high average of 4.2 stars from 2,033 reviews that the restaurant has received as of Monday (Oct 30).

Happy diners wrote about the “phenomenal” food, incredible service and beautiful views of the river next to the restaurant.

One diner complimented the restaurant on its kid-friendliness. 

“My kid is not a loud child for being 20 months old, but still can have his moments and everybody was cool about it,” wrote a diner, Mr Jonathan Cole, on Google reviews.

On the flip side, some customers wrote about the perceived lack of standard in food and service quality.

A few had similar complaints on the treatment of families with children.

“Don’t go if you have children. We were three adults, two children and a four-month-old baby and since we entered the place, they gave us a bad look,” wrote one customer. 

“My wife was rocking the baby (not crying, just to make him sleep) and this ‘manager’ told her that you don’t do that in a fancy restaurant and later moved our stroller in a bad way,” wrote another.

Another family complained that they felt “not welcomed” by a server and that the staff had moved their stroller “violently to “make space”.

Last year, Angel’s Oyster Bar and Grill at Singapore’s Outram Road made the news for implementing a S$10 fee for screaming or uncontrolled children, due to increasing complaints from diners. 

While some told TODAY they felt that the policy was unreasonable and that the restaurant should be welcoming to families with children, others applauded the move and said that the onus should be on parents to ensure that their children are behaving in public.

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