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#trending: 1990s fashion as ‘retro’ Halloween costumes in US makes millennials feel old

TEXAS, UNITED STATES — How can you tell that you’re now old or what Gen Zs coin as “ancient”?

“This hurts more than my back,” said one commenter.

Another added: “Welcome to the party, Millennials. Here’s your rocking chair.” 

For some, the outfits are still a recent memory.

“Seeing costumes of stuff that you used to wear on a daily basis is the most terrifying thing,” said one.

Netizens were particularly amused by the butterfly clip and imitation Nokia phone set.

“Not the butterfly hair clips with the Nokia phone,” said one TikTok user.

Chiming in, a user said: “They forgot the choker necklace.”

However, some disputed the accuracy of the costumes: “Those Nokia phones weren’t even popular till the 2000s. 1990s phones were solid bricks.”

Just when you think you couldn’t feel any older, one commenter said that a 2000s Halloween costume existed: “I think it was worse when I saw a 2000s costume. A. 2000s. Costume!!”

Were you a 1990s kid? Here is a list of telltale signs that you are a Gen Y:

You owned a TamagotchiYou had to wait for your parents to finish their phone call before dialling into the internetYou communicated via MSN messenger with your friendsAll the cool kids in school had an iPodYou had an autograph bookYou remember a time when you lived without mobile phones Collapse to view Expand to view

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